What is a workbook?

A workbook is a collection of sheets. A workbook is shared between a group of users, called workbook collaborators. You can create as many workspaces as you need for free, and each one has its own set of workbook collaborators and sheets. You can invite a collaborator to a workbook, when you will work with that person and you need to make available all the information in the entire workbook.

Create a workbook

Click the '+' to add a new workbook.

The next step is to confirm the creation by clicking the 'Create workbook' button.

After that, your new workbook will be displayed in the main view. Now you can Upgrade, Share, Rename and Remove it.

Let's rename it, by clicking the 'Rename workbook' item and type in 'Marketing'.

Now, let's share the workbook. To invite someone to a workbook as a collaborator, click on the share button at the top of the workbook or click the 'Share workbook' item. This will open the share dialog, from which you can manage invites and permission levels.

Every collaborator has a permission level (owner, collaborator, or read-only), which determines what they can or cannot do for all of the sheets in the workbook. For example, whether they can edit, add, remove rows or comment on rows). If you add someone as a workbook collaborator at a certain permission level, that permission level applies to them for all sheets in the workbook.

After we have our workbook ready, we can start adding new sheets or start by importing data.

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