View settings

Grid settings

You can configure the layout and appearance of your Grid(Table) based on your personal preferences from the panel on the right. 

  • Table style - choose the table style from a predefined list of styles.
  • Striped - enables or disables alternating rows.
  • Gridlines - shows or hides the frames in the grid. You can customize the view to display only row lines, cell lines or column lines.
  • Row resizing - Enables or disables row resize.
  • Column resizing - Enables or disables column resize.
  • Row height - Sets the row height to small, medium or large.
  • Grouping  - Enables or disables data grouping.
  • Sorting - enables or disables data sorting.
  • Filtering - Enables or disables data filtering.
  • Sheet view - Enables or disables other members to switch the view.
  • Summary - A summary is a feature that provides a synopsis of data contained in the table. A summary consists of several items. A summary item displays a value that is a product of applying an aggregate function to the data of a specific column. The aggregate function could be 'min', 'max', 'sum', 'count', 'avg', 'unique', 'filled' or 'empty'. You can dynamically set the aggregate function by moving the pointer to the summary cell and clicking on it. From the aggregate function dropdown, you will be able to select the aggregate functions. The total summary is calculated on all data contained in the table. When selection is applied, the total summary is calculated dynamically based on the selected table cells or rows.

When you choose the settings you prefer, they will be visualized but will not be saved. If you want to do that, click on the button “Save Settings”.

Kanban Settings

In Kanban view mode, you will be able to customize the appearance of your kanban board based on your personal preferences. Below are listed the available settings.

  • Show deadline - Enables or disables the deadline bar displayed in the cards.
  • Color entire card surface - Sets whether the entire card will use its color setting as a background.
  • Show comments - Shows or hides the comments button in the card. With this button, you can add, update and remove comments related to the card.
  • Show assigned - Shows or hides the avatar icon which displays the assigned to field of the card.
  • Show settings - Shows or hides the card settings tool which can be used for editing, copying or removing the card.
  • Show progress - Shows or hides the task progress from the card.
  • New Status - Determines whether the New status column will be displayed in the board.
  • Column actions - Determines whether the column menu is available. It can be used for collapsing, hiding, removing a column.
  • Show priority - Shows or hides the priority from the card.
  • Show fields - Shows or hides the custom fields added by the user from the card.
  • New task button - Determines the '+' button rendering option. It can be rendered in the column header, in the footer or both which is the default option.
  • Show subtasks - Determines how subtasks are displayed in the card. By default they are visible only in the task edit dialog. One per row means that all subtasks will be displayed as a list in the card. Only unfinished means that only unfinished sub tasks will be displayed. 

When you choose the settings you prefer, they will be visualized but will not be saved. If you want to do that, click on the button “Save Settings”.